Case Details

Focus Area: Social (Youth and Women Empowerment)

Overview: The Bank partnered with Human Development Initiatives on its ‘Women and Youth Empowerment Project’ aimed at empowering an estimated 100 indigenes from Imoru community with income-generating skills aimed at creating self-reliant contributors to the local economy.

The training was conducted for 50 women drawn from three (3) communities in Ose LGA of Ondo State: 35 women from Imoru, 5 women from Ijagba, 5 women from Ute, and 5 women from Okeluse, Ose LGA, Ondo State.


Through this initiative, beneficiaries were able to:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills on how to manage small scale businesses as well as for setting up a cottage business: requirements, record keeping and micro credit loan.
  • Build skills in confectionery making, local textile preparation, liquid and bar soap production, and cosmetic production for domestic or commercial purposes.
  • Develop skills for income generation to boost family income and improve well-being, particularly the well-being of children.
  • Each participant was presented with a certificate of participation and start-up kit.
  • This initiative reached over 100 women and youths with vocational skills enabling them achieve financial independence and self-sufficiency. It also helped vulnerable groups generate revenue through small business enterprises, thereby reducing inequalities and alleviating poverty.