Case Details

Focus Area: Social Welfare (Youths)/Health

 The I Choose Life Foundation is a solution-based initiative dedicated to promoting mental wellness, physical and emotional health through innovative programmes, sensitisation and advocacy in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Bank partnered with the I Choose Life Foundation on the Sip, Draw and Paint initiative developed to creatively sensitize the youth on drug abuse and addiction through art and other recreational activities. This intervention was designed to meet the pressing needs of the vulnerable youth demographic at the center of the rising drug and substance addiction challenge in the society.


The programme was designed to ‘Catch them Young’ within the researched age of drug and substance abuse initiation (19 – 21years) and was implemented across 5 locations (Abuja, Ogun, Kano, Cross Rivers and Imo state), over a 6-week period reaching at least 500 students. This initiative contributes to the fight against drug addiction in Nigeria.