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Healthcare & Petrochemicals

Increasing Investment and Facilitating Growth of Critical Sectors

A wide variety of opportunities exist for growth across all levels of the Nigerian healthcare sector given the country’s large and young population, gaps in primary and speciality healthcare, and the Federal Government’s support for healthcare investment.

Private sector contribution to the Nigerian healthcare industry is increasing. Given rising levels of disposable income among certain segments of society and the limited supply of public hospitals that are already overstretched and underfunded, there is a growing demand for private coverage.

The influx of private sector players and health maintenance organisations (HMOs) is gradually making healthcare more affordable and accessible coupled with improved service delivery. Increasing technology adoption will also spur growth and development in the industry.

The Covid-19 pandemic also highlighted the importance of upscaling the level of healthcare and increasing investments in the sector; thus creating opportunities for the development of new testing/ laboratory centres, medical diagnosis and therapy equipment, medical consumables, personal protective equipment (PPE), telemedicine, etc.


We leverage technology, strategic partnerships and intermediary channels to deliver tailored intervention and low-interest loan products to Nigeria’s micro-enterprises in the informal, semi-formal and formal sectors:

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Increasing investment and facilitating growth of critical sectors

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Healthcare and Petrochemicals