In a bid to address the challenge of access to credit by SMEs, and to hasten the credit delivery process, the Bank of Industry (BOI) Limited has so far appointed 416 SME Consultants as Business Development Service Providers (BDSPs).

This strategic partnership with SME Consultants is in furtherance of the Bank’s core mandate “of providing long-term financial and business support services to micro, small and medium projects”.

The 416 BDSPs are categorized into 3 broad groups; National, Regional and State based on coverage area and geographical spread as follows:


National SME Consultants


Regional / Zonal Consultants


State Consultants


The BDSPs are expected to provide the following services:


  • Identify credible SMEs that require BOI finance
  • Assist SMEs in developing bankable business plans towards accessing finance from BOI (guided by BOI’s Risk Acceptance Criteria)
  • Provision of post-finance services such as mentorship, hand-holding, financial advice and encourage SMEs to imbibe corporate governance
  • Support SMEs to develop synergies and linkages with large enterprises, industrial buyers and suppliers along the value chain

Business Advisory