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Youth Focused Funds

Facilitating Increased Empowerment and Support for Young Nigerians

The Youth sub-directorate was established to provide low-cost funding and financial advice to the economically active but disadvantaged members of Nigerian society. They are served by the Bank through on-lending programs. This is a novel collaboration with licensed Financial institutions including Microfinance Banks (MFBs), and commercial banks offering both traditional and Non-interest banking products to our large and diverse customer base. This has enabled the Directorate to catalyse and increase its impact and support to the Nigerian youth.

Through the youth sub-directorate, the Bank undertakes significant efforts aimed at addressing identified economic gaps affecting the country’s youth. Our youth-focused funds and business advisory are specific interventions designed to address the challenges of entrepreneurship development, youth unemployment, growth and development, business resuscitation, job creation, and poverty alleviation.


We Create Convenient and Valuable Opportunities for Businesses in Nigeria

  • We ensure that our loan terms are favourable and provided to ensure the greatest levels of success for our beneficiaries.
  • The bank provides extended repayment schedules to give businesses ample time to repay loans and minimise default.
  • All our loans and funds are sector-specific and tailored to the unique needs of micro-enterprises, SMEs and large enterprises.
  • We create direct opportunities as well as in partnership with other stakeholders for improved business performance, as businesses require more than financing to succeed.
  • The bank delivers special support and financing to disadvantaged and vulnerable sectors within the grassroots that are typically underserved but critical to economic prosperity.

Youth Focused Products

We empower the Nigerian youth through low-cost funding and financial advice


We leverage technology, strategic partnerships and intermediary channels to deliver specific intervention and low-interest loan products to Nigeria’s enterprising youth population across all available sectors (informal, semi-formal and formal sectors).


Frequently Asked Questions on Enterprise Products

Browse through our repository of answers to our frequently asked questions. Should you not find a conclusive answer to any of your questions, please book a consult by filling out the form on the right and we will get in touch with you.

How do I apply for a BOI loan?

Loans can be applied for either physically or online. For physical application, customers are advised to apply either at any of the BOI branch offices that is closest to them or at the headquarters (for loan applications that are N1bn and above). Customers who want to apply online can do so by applying on the bank’s website or by clicking the link to apply.

How do I ensure my project is eligible for financing?

There are criteria that must be met for a project to be eligible for financing. These include:

  1. Businesses must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  2. Businesses must have their audited financial statements (if existing)
What are the required documents for loan application?

There is a checklist that can guide loan applicants. The list of requirements to apply for a loan can be found on the Bank’s website. Please click here for Pre and Post Approval documentation requirements. (LE checklist link)

Is there a checklist that guides my application for a loan?

Yes, there is a checklist that can guide loan applicants. The list of requirements to apply for a loan can be found on the Bank’s website. Please click here for Pre and Post Approval documentation requirements.

Where do I submit my loan application?

All loan applications are submitted at the respective groups within the head office. However, it is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that processing of the loan application does not commence until all documents stated in the checklist are provided. (Our Locations)


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Youth Focused Funds