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Dear Participant,


Well done on completing on all the pre-programme activities.

As a recap:

·  Have you read and signed the Charter of Commitment?

·  Have you completed your Pre-programme survey?

·  Have you completed your profile?

·  Have you set your performance and learning goals?

·  Have you taken your Self-assessment and added your Accountability Partner and 360 respondents?

If not, please check out the instructions we had sent in the attached document. Please note ‘support@africanmanagers.org‘ will not check on or advise you on your progress on these steps.

As explained in the Getting Started email, this will be an online programme that you will take on the AMI Platform. We will begin taking the courses (as shared in the calendar) from Monday, 13th June, 2016.

To get you started, please follow the steps below:


Step 1: Login to the platform

1.     Go to www.africanmanagers.org

2.     Click on Login (select AMI in the drop down option)

3.     Use the email address that you shared with us and the following password:AMI12345

If you have already reset your password to log in to the system prior to receiving this email then your password will be the one you have created, not the generic one we have provided above. 

If you want to change your password, please click on ‘Retrieve’  password.


Step 2: Accessing the Youth Entrepreneurship page

Once you login, you will be directed to the Dashboard where you will see your community name [BOI Youth Entrepreneurship Support Programme] under My Communities title. Click on this community.


Step 3: Enrolling for the courses

The official kick off for the courses is on 13th June, 2016. On the BOI Youth Entrepreneurship Support Programme (described in Step 2 above), you will see the list of courses you have access to under the Courses box starting with:

1.     Setting Goals for Success

2.     Personal Productivity

Begin by enrolling on the “Setting Goals for Success” course and follow the instructions. Once you are done with each course, enroll for the next until you have completed all the courses.

As each set of courses closes, others will automatically open. Here’s the link to the course start and end dates.
Note that once enrolled in to a course, you will be able to access it/them from My Courses page.
How to take the courses

1.     Once you enroll for a course, you will be directed to the course page start from the course introduction. Each course will have several lessons. For each lesson watch the lesson video, take the unit test and do the activity.

2.     You can use the ‘Next’ tab to navigate to the next step.

3.     You will need a course buddy for each course. This could be a relative, a friend or even a colleague. You will discuss the activities with the buddy just to help you think through how to apply the concepts you are learning at your work or business. Note that the buddy DOES NOT need to be taking the courses; it could be anyone you trust to hold you accountable. You register your buddy from My Courses page AFTER enrolling for the course.

4.     Note that you DO NOT need to submit your activities. Those are meant for your on-the job practice and application.

5.    The Formal Unit Tests after each lesson and the Final Exam are mandatory and graded, so please make sure to check your answers before submitting.

6.     At the end of the course (in the course conclusion), you will be required to take and submit the Final Assignment (it is the only activity you submit). Your buddy will need to confirm that indeed you have put in the effort to complete that last exercise. We have attached a guide on submitting the final assignment.

7.     The progress bar will show your progress as you take the course. When all components of the course are complete it will read 100%.

8.     You can also see your progress from your My Courses Page and when you pass a course, download your report and certificate from My Courses page.

Here is a video guide of the different components of your course page. Refer to the videos and the user guide for more details.

If you have any technical issues in the meanwhile, please feel free to reach the Enterprise Development Center Learning Academy Team yes-p@pau.edu.ng

We wish you all the best as you take the courses!



AMI Team