The objective of the collaboration is to attract and encourage Nigerian entrepreneurs in the diaspora in a structured and coordinated approach to establish businesses and investments in Nigeria with the view to achieving increased foreign exchange inflow through diaspora remittances, greater cooperation and collaboration between Nigerian local entrepreneurs and those in diaspora, transfer of technologies in a sustainable manner, amongst others.

  • To enlighten, motivate and attract Nigerian entrepreneurs in diaspora to establish businesses in Nigeria.
  • To facilitate investments in Nigeria by Nigerian investors in Diaspora.
  • Mobilize Nigerians Diaspora that are professionals or specialists in various fields including medicine, ICT, engineering and others towards setting up commercialized business enterprises in Nigeria.
  • To increase foreign exchange inflow through increased diaspora remittances/ investments.
  • To foster cooperation and partnership between Nigeria entrepreneurs at home and those in diaspora.
  • To foster transfer of technologies in a sustainable manner.
  • To achieve any and all other benefits associated with or ancillary to any of the foregoing for the Nigerian economy.